Robin Leblond ConsultantFunctional Analyst.Net Software Engineer, MVC.Net and JQuery ExpertMontreal, Qc Area
Consultation Only
20 Years of experience
Functional analyst
.Net Software Engineer
MVC.Net and JQuery Expert
(Please note that English is not my native language, thanks for your understanding.)
I have more than twenty (20) years of IT experience. During these years, I specialized in functional analysis, architecture and Web or Windows development.

In functional analysis and architecture, I worked with the Agile, Waterfall and Macroscope P+ methodologies for large-scale projects. From start to finish touch, alone or in a team, resourcefulness, ingenuity and perseverance are my strengths. UML, Visio, Ms Office, Ms Project, Gantt Diagram, Mind Mapping are some key words that are more than familiar to me.
In development, I worked primarily with the C# language on MVC, Web API, and ASP.NET projects on all versions of Visual Studio .NET. Javascript and JQuery have no secrets for me and AngularJS is my new friend. Web Responsive and HTML 5 are part of my daily life. SQL Server, MySQL, REST, AngularJS, Autofac and FluentSecurity... What else can I say: There's always a solution!
I learned a things in each of my mandates, whether at l'Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec or at Vidéotron, the Canadian Space Agency, the Agence métropolitaine des transports (AMT), La Coop Fédérée, The Jean Coutu Group, Loto-Québec or Québecor World. Twenty (20) years are so many companies and experiences ready to serve your team!
Analysis and documentations
Business analysis
Functional and process analysis
Requirement analysis
Requirement confirmation evaluation
System architecture
Design and patterns
Detailed design documentations
Data modeling
Development planning documentations
Development follow documentations
Integration test documentations
Implantation et transition
Post-Mortem documentations
Maintenance documentations
Change request documentations
Knowledge transfer documentations
Training and support documentations
Gantt Diagrams
Agile - Scrum
Waterfall Simplified
Extreme Programming
Collaborative open work area (like Google)
Technical Skills
Visio, MindMap, MsProject
Basecamp, JIRA
.Net C#
MVC.Net (Web and Api (REST))
Responsive Web Design
IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Linq to Entity, Linq to SQL
SQL Server
My SQL (+ integration .Net)
Unit Tests
Sharepoint (development)
Regular Expressions
First Data API
IBM WebSphere MQ
LDAP and .Net Security
AES, Tripple DES
image recognition and OCR
Assembler (ASM for PIC)
Working Experiences
Victrix (BCF)
May 2017 - ...
An IT company serving your productivity. Victrix offers a full range of services that help maximize your productivity to increase your performance and competitiveness.
.Net Expert - Sharepoint developer
Sharepoint development of multiple items such as WebParts, Powershell script, Javascript script, AngularJS, Knockout.js and support.
Work in Agile / Scrum mode and coaching of the BCF project Sharepoint team.
Keywords: Agile, Scrum, Sharepoint, WebParts, Powershell, AngularJS, Knockout.js, Git, 2-5 persons teams
Web Site:
Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec
October 2015 - May 2017
OIQ mission is to ensure the protection of the public by supervising the practice of the profession within the framework of its constituent laws and ensure that the profession serves the public interest.
Analyst - .Net Software Engineer - MVC.Net
Creation (in rush mode) of a generic registration form (for new engineers) which can be reused for other purposes (survey, annual renewal, etc.). The forms are therefore editable (by the administration) with several versions and dates. The forms also have a powerful business intelligence and logic (conditions to make visible or not a section or a question, pre-filled question, etc.) and several validators (date, numeric, decimal, e-mail, postal code, Etc.). This project was realized in just four and a half months, including status management, transfer to another system, audit, read-only version (according to user's rights), merger (variables replacement) and printable PDF version.
Analysis, development and programming of a member (engineer) inspection management system. The application allows an inspector to be assigned a file and allows the inspector (and the administration) to follow this file over time. The application makes it possible to include in a folder all types of documents relating to the latter (document management portal). The tool also allows to plan the different stages (link with Outlook) like : inspection, meetings with the committee, disciplinary follow-up, follow-up of mandatory training, etc. Finally the system also includes several elements such as statistics, links with the general system of the Order (ERP), history, etc.
Keywords: Analyse (waterfall simplified), MVC.Net, JQuery, AngularJs, First Data, PDF, SQL Server, TFS, Trello, 1-4 persons teams
Web Site:
AMT - Agence métropolitaine de transport
August 2015 - October 2015
Expand public transit services in order to improve commuting efficiency in Greater Montréal.
Analyst - .Net Software Engineer - MVC.Net
Coding and working on the bus and train tracking system.
Keywords: MVC.Net, JQuery, SQL Server, TFS, 2-5 persons teams
Web Site:
Centre Rx - Groupe Jean Coutu
December 2012 - June 2015
One of the biggest pharmacies network in Canada.
Analyst - .Net Software Engineer - MVC.Net
Part of the team having worked on the Family Health Record web site (online prescription renew).
MVC.Net programming of a system for scan, submission and approval of accounting documents.
Significant changes to the "store user rights management" module (intranet and software) security system.
Collaboration to the Dossier Santé update and modifications and to it related mobile service (MVC API).
Creation of an API MVC.Net service for mobile applications.
Keywords: MVC.Net, JQuery, SQL Server, TFS, LDAP, API Mobile, Responsive Web, HTTP Module, Waterfall, 2-3 persons teams
Web Site:
CN (Canadian National)
February 2012 - December 2012
Their (train) rail network spans three coasts with over 21,000 miles of track.
Analyst - .Net Software Engineer - MVC.Net
(Code) Design and coding of an SMS notification system intended for communication between the train control center (dispatch) and yard engineers. Notes: (System) Architecture and analysis were already done.
Worked with the Agile team on the LEPP-Annotation system which collect and display alerts received by locomotives (black box) and link them to train engineer statistics.
Keywords: IBM WebSphere MQ, SMS, MVC.Net, JQuery, TFS, Agile, 1-7 persons teams
Web Site:
Vidéotron Ltee
April 2011 - February 2012
Videotron is a leading player in the telecommunications market in Canada.
Senior Analyst (Process and Business)
Analysis of the actual supply and billing systems for the replacement projet of these modules.
Design and architecture of the new modules.
Coaching of the migration analyst team.
Writing of the migration plan (defined with the team).
Writing and execution of unit and integration tests.
Keywords: Analysis, Architecture, Design, Visio, Macroscope, Coaching, 2-10 persons teams
Web Site:
Canadian Space Agency
September 2010 - April 2011
The Canadian Space Agency is committed to leading the development and application of space knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and humanity.
Analyst - .Net Software Programmer - C#.Net
Design and coding of a (custom) CRM.
Keywords: Design, Security, Agile, C#, RIA, WCF, 3 to 7 persons team
Web Site:
UAP-NAPA (auto parts)
June 2010 - September 2010
NAPA Auto Parts, subsidiary of UAP Inc., the Canadian leader in the distribution, merchandising and remanufacturing of automotive parts and replacement accessories for cars, trucks and heavy vehicles.
SQL Programmer
Rewriting of the inventory (SQL) system.
Coding of extremely complex SQL stored procedures.
SP and SQL unit tests.
Some C# programming
Keywords: Transact-SQL, Stored Proc., Agile 100% Scrum, 6 persons team
Web Site:
Loto Québec
October 2009 - June 2010
Loto-Québec is a Québec government corporation whose mandate is to operate games of luck in the province in an orderly and measured way.
(POS) C#.Net Programmer
Significant modifications to the POS terminal for adding and managing the (new) group ticket options.
Touch screen C# coding with Tandem interaction.
Security and tests were very important.
Keywords: Agile Scrum 100%, Touch Screen, C#, C++, 5 persons team
Web Site:
OSI Consultant Group - Confidential Project
August 2009 - October 2009
A leading information management consulting and information technology firm.
Analyst - .Net Programmer - C#.Net
Design and coding of a web form allowing generic and custom fields.
Keywords: Generic, web Form, C#, Extreme project, 22 person team
Web Site:
ITL Consultants
June 2009 - August 2009
"Project Lead" - Analyst - .Net Software Engineer - C#.Net
Analysis, design, and coding of a web application for facilitating patient management and transfer between medical centers (Québec wide). This application was intended for the RUIS.
Keywords: Client relations, ASP.Net, JQuery, 2-3 persons team
Quebecor World
February 2009 - June 2009
Analyst - Programmer - RealBasic (MAC)
RealBasic (Mac) coding of a flyers management and creation app.
Iterative open work environment (all team members in the same big room with no separators in between).
Keywords: Iterative method and daily scrum (Agile but), RealBasic, Mac/Apple, Team Working, 12 persons team
La Coop Fédérée
August 2008 - February 2009
Analyst - .Net Programmer - MVC.Net
(Participation in) Coding and analysis of the (custom) electronic document and record management system.
Keywords: MVC.Net (Beta), JQuery (one of the first version), 5 person team
Web Site:
Centre Rx - Groupe Jean Coutu
September 2004 - August 2008
(At this time) Fourth largest company in the pharmaceutical sales in America.
Analyst - Lead .Net Software/System Engineer - C#.Net
Member of the Eckerd (USA) integration team. Has done several trips to the Tampa office (Florida) over a one-year period.
Transfer, adaptation, and modification of several Eckerd systems (for integration with the Jean Coutu systems).
Member of the North American support team (24/7).
Lead developer responsible of the R&D, new technologies development, tests and also responsible for the knowledge transfer the other (10-20) team members.
Design and coding of the development framework.
Design, architecture, and coding of the intranet security system.
Design and coding of many intranet applications intended to the stores.
Keywords: R&D, C#, Javascript, VBA, USA, Integration, SQL Server, TFS administrator, LDAP, 5-20 person teams
Web Site:
Groupe Orléans Express
September 1999 - September 2004
Keolis Canada, the parent company of Orléans Express, is the leading motor coach carrier in Québec and the second largest in Canada.
Analyst - Lead .Net Software/System Engineer - VB.Net
Design and coding of a live ticketing (reservation) and bus dispatch system. This system was intended for our sightseeing branch in Québec city.
Significant participation in the architecture and design of the major “Starbus System” which included an Interline shipping and ticket (inter transporters) billing system and a routing system. This system was intended to replace most of the IT systems in place at this time. It took 6 years to complete this project.
Coding of an OCR tool for ticket scan and information storage.
Coding of many inter-billing system interfaces.
Support, management, and training of a team of sellers and field administrators.
Keywords: Architecture, Design, Management, Training, OCR and images recognition, VB, AJAX (before JQuery), Javascript, Live applications, 1-4 persons teams.
Web Site:
Hebdo Mag ( Corp.
March 1999 - September 1999
VB and VBA Programmer
VB EDI interfaces, Excel and Access reports, etc.
Keywords: VB6, Fox-Pro, VBScript, 1-2 person teams
Collège de l'Estrie
January 1999 - February 1999
Lab and teacher helper, Trainer
Keywords: Trainer, VB6 Certification, 2-12 persons groups
Intech Informatique Enr.
February 1995 - January 1999
President - Owner
My own business. Home computer support. Web sites creation and selling.
Keywords: Business creation (at 19 years old), website creation and design (in the very early times of the web).
Fortin - Thisdale Micro
September 1995 - July 1996
C++ Programmer
C++ coding of a printer driver and C++ coding of a form intended for the "régie des électriciens du Québec".
Keywords: C++
February 2008 (5 days)
by AlphaMosaic
Architecture, Model Object, WebPart, Master Page, Workflow, Security, Site Collection, Search Tools, etc.
Application Security
February 2007 (2 days)
by Microsoft
This training was intended for PCI-DSS application design.
Keywords: PCI-DSS secure design
"Certificat Perfectionnement de la Gestion"
Winter 2002 (6 months)
UQAM (incomplete)
Keywords: Management
March 2001 (3 days)
AEC Programmation
Décember 1997 - February 1999
at Collège de l'Estrie (Sherbrooke)
AEC – Programmer / Analyst + Microsoft MCP VB Certification
Keywords: AEC + MCP VB
DEC Programmation
September 1993 - January 1995
at CEGEP de Sherbrooke
DEC – Programmer / Analyst (incomplete)
Secondary 1 to 5
1988 - 1993
at Séminaire de Sherbrooke
Hobbies and social implications
June 27, 2015
I planned a surprise wedding for Karine (my wife, so our own wedding) and she didn’t find out until the last seconds. Even 90% of the guests were not aware (they thought it was a simple surprise party). It was more than six months of preparation, a lot of money pulled out in secret, the collaboration of several accomplices, the special collaboration of a magician, the Trois Tilleuls Inn and Au Chalet en Bois Rond cabine site employee collaboration, Lavigueur jewelries for accelerated repair of Karine engagement ring. It required a fake helicopter ride with Hélico-Pro for transport us to the wedding site, etc. It was an amazing success and YES she said Yes...
Web Site:
Commandant Drakis (novel)
2008 - September 2013
Science-fiction novel written by Robin Leblond.
Realization of an old adolescence dream, that is to say, writing a science fiction novel. Writing has required several years of work and several months of intense correction. The book was released in digital format only, on the Internet (official website), Amazon, Google, and Kobo Play Book. It is now exclusively on Amazon.
Web Site:
Sherbrooke International RC Jets
Summer 2012
Initiator, director, and president
International event organisation and management. Several radio controlled airplane clubs from North America were invited to bring and fly their RC jets (with real turbines) with us at the Sherbrooke Airport.
This event, even with a lot of rain during the weekend, brought more than 800 visitors on site and received more than 15 jet pilots from North America. It required the collaboration of many organisations and groups like the City Of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke Airport, Transport Canada, security services, the St-Jean sur Richelieu scouts, air cadets, marketing partner, VR sponsors, etc. It also required the creation of a non-lucrative incorporation, the rental of many equipment and infra-structure, not to say that it required to find more than 10,000$.
Web Site:
Save Our Fields
2010 - 2011
Public Relations and Secretary
Save Our Fields was a grouping of several rc aircraft clubs in Quebec. The main task of this group was to stop the loss of our fields caused the law on the protection of agricultural land in Quebec.
This group was a MAAC sub-division.
MAAC - St-Lawrence Zone
2010 - 2011
Quebec St-Laurence Zone CA member
Web Site:
François, Julie et la maison vide
I(we) helped those two people (parents) to raise money for child adoption.
RC aircraft models
For more than 20 year I have been building and flying model aircrafts. I have been a member of more than 5 different clubs (because of moving) and participated in the organization of many of them. Lately I have been building and flying RC jets at near 200mph (350km/h).
Web Site:
Camping, cycling, canoeing, hiking
Many activities that I share with my friends.
Next personal projects
International RC Jets Rally 20??
I’m working hard to get the next edition of this event to happen, but that being an enormous amount of work it may take a few more years…
Web Site: